Journal. «Transgender Studies & Theories: Building Up the Field in a Nordic Context»

Revista de Graduados en Ciencias Sociales
«Estudios y teorías transgénero: Construyendo el campo en el contexto nórdico»

The GJSS is pleased to announce the publication of a special issue celebrating the first international conference on trans in the Nordic region. The ‘Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a Nordic Context’ conference was a three day conference that took place at Linköping University, Sweden in November 2009 with the explicit aim of building a platform for knowledge and awareness about transgender studies and theories in a Nordic context. Participants came from all over Europe and beyond, bringing their knowledge and experiences to the table. This special issue therefore both contributes to the emergence of ‘Nordic trans field/s’, and also reflects work taking place in a broader international context.

The scope of the conference and this accompanying special issue was kept deliberately open in terms of disciplinary backgrounds and interests. The aim in doing this was two-fold: to provide a space for different perspectives and experiences to meet in dialogue and, in so doing, to challenge the primacy of any one form of knowledge production on trans persons and lives. Consequently, the papers in this special issue are interdisciplinary and innovative, often moving between ‘academia’ and ‘activism’, ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. In so doing, this special issue hopes to continue the transdisciplinary and transnational conversations that started in 2009 and to spark new debates.