Convocatoria: Advanced International Training Programme 2011. LGBT and Human Rights


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The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) offers, as part of its bilateral development assistance, Advanced International Training Programmes of strategic importance to the social and economic development in the participants’ countries. The International Training Programmes are specially designed for persons qualified to participate in reform processes of strategic importance on different levels and holding a position in home organisation with mandate to run processes of change. Deadline for applications: April 8, 2011.

This methodology is based on the assumption that your country wishes to carry out changes and is willing to invest own resources to achieve these changes. In the long-term perspective the programmes shall contribute to institutional strengthening and capacity development in the participants’ countries.

The training is focused on support to individual or team plans for change. The plan shall be well established in the participant’s organisation and is a basic part of the programme concept.

Sida and the Swedish Government have recognised the need to strengthen LGBT persons’ human rights internationally. In Sweden’s international policy on sexual and reproductive health and rights, it is stated that Sweden will work internationally for decriminalisation
of sexual relations between persons of the same sex, as well as for the introduction of protection against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

Programme Purpose

The programme purpose of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons (LGBT) and Human Rights training programme is that participants after the programme should have useful tools and perspectives for working for LGBT persons’ human rights.


The results of the training programme is that participants after the programme should

– have knowledge in relevant areas concerning LGBT and Human Rights
– be able to plan and implement projects successfully
– be able to work successfully with advocacy
– have access to sustainable networks supporting the work for LGBT persons’ human rights

For further information and to apply, please download the following pdf files
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